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Import Panama & Understory Enterprises

New import from Panama and Understory Enterprises.

Dendrobates pumilio Colubre
Ranitomeya fantasticus Caynarachi

Import 2014. A new import from Panama arrived on September 5 and a new import from Understory Enterprises arrived on August 28.


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About Dutch-Rana


Rana is a company, which is specialized in breeding Dendrobatidae. Besides the sale of Dendrobatidae, we
sell almost any kind of article, necessary to keep these beautiful frogs in top condition. Articles like: breeding-terraria, food (Drosophila), sprinklerinstallations (mist)
and show-terraria (standard or customized).


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Reduced shipping costs to Germany, Belgium and Luxembourg

With a new carrier contract we were able to reduce shipping costs to Germany, Belgium and Luxembourg significantly. Orders up to 30 kilo now € 12,50.

Osmosis unit

New in our store: Osmosis unit

€ 99,00

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